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Our core belief is that all humans deserve access to food, clothing, shelter, hygiene facilities, community support, information, and opportunities for training and employment.

Millions of Australians living with financial difficulties, mental health issues, or special needs are unable to access these basic human needs.

This is a tragedy not only for the person experiencing some form of deprivation, but for our communities in general. We believe that each person has a unique gift to offer the world. With nurture and care, that gift can reach fruition and be shared -for the benefit of all.

Roceels' Charity Aims

Special Needs Employment

Providing work and training for people living with special needs

Homelessness Support

Providing food, clothing, hygiene facilities and community support to people facing financial difficulties

Roceels' Shops & Services

Roceels is a Self-Funded Charity. Our business ventures raise capital for the charity, and provide people living with special needs work and training opportunities

Roceels Catering

Roceels Lollies

Roceels Cakes

Roceels Kitchen

Roceels Pie Shop
(Browns Plains)

Roceels Op Shop
(Browns Plains)

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Future Plans

Find out more about what we intend to do as a charity in the near future.

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